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I am a freelance writer in Technology, Science and Travel. I enjoy discovering new and interesting things about the world and sharing my experience and insights with you, the reader.

Before changing career directions, I was a lecturer in software engineering and a software developer designing and programming embedded controllers.

In the mid-2000s, my comfortable and routine life shifted from under me and I found myself wanting to travel and learn more about the world.

Before COVID-19, I travelled when I could, living the life of a digital nomad, but home for me is Australia and Ireland. There's where I go to reconnect with family and friends. I hope that when things get back to normal, we can all venture out to explore the world once again. Here's a recent travel photo.

I publish most of my writing here at Medium and I hope you find my articles interesting.

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BSc (Hons), LLB. Freelance writer in Technology, Science and Travel. Come join me on a journey of discovery.