How To Fix CarPlay After iOS 17.2 Update

Peter Steven Ho
2 min readDec 15, 2023

Is your CarPlay not working with your phone after you updated your iPhone to iOS 17.2? Here’s a quick fix to solve the problem.

Photo by Brett Jordan

Apple release iOS 17.2 on 12 December 2023, a second major update to the operating system since it was launched in September.

In this release, Apple included a new Journal app, which allows users to record key moments in their lives, as well as the usual security patches and enhancements.

You can check the release notes from Apple here.

Since upgrading my phone to iOS 17.2, I was surprised to find that my phone and CarPlay no longer works.

The CarPlay screen goes blank and nothing shows up when I press the Home button on the car’s dash. The phone, however, appears to be operating as normal.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the phone, and I even rebooted the phone just to be sure, but neither approach fixed the problem.

After going through the phone’s settings, I noticed the software update had disabled the Content & Privacy Restrictions feature, which will stop CarPlay from connecting to the phone.

Unfortunately, the setting we want is in a very obscure part of the phone’s settings. I wouldn’t have expected to find it under Screen Time.

So, to fix the problem, go to SettingsScreen TimeContents & Privacy Restrictions and toggle on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Next, tap on the Allowed Apps option and make sure CarPlay is enabled.

Hopefully, by re-enabling the setting, the CarPlay feature should operate as normal.



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